Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Powiekszenie, Warszawa, Polska

instrumental intro jam
Conjure Man
She's Like Heroin to Me [The Gun Club]
Killer Diller
Su Su
Dance Me Swamply
Loud and Proud
I Can't Find My Mind [The Cramps]
The Rad Lord's Return
Haunted Head
Lose Your Mind [The Seeds]
Rare as the Yeti
Floor Length Hair
Bubble Trouble
Jack on Fire [The Gun Club]
I Don't Like
For the Love Of Ivy [The Gun Club]
Green Fuz [The Cramps]
Sex Beat [The Gun Club]

Kid Congo Powers - vocals, squier guitar, theremin
Kiki Solis - bass, fender guitar
Mark Cisneros - mosrite guitar, backing vocals
Ron Miller - drums

lineage: Marantz PMD620 (24bit/48kHz) > usb > cool edit > wav > tlh > flac

full show: 79 minutes

it was very loud but soundman wouldn't be so proud, luckilly recording came out better than we've heard it live through our ears

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds played in Poland for the first time, audience were happy anyway

don't sell this recording, neither distribute in lossy form!!!

taped, remastered and uploaded to dime by gevenkaven
20 13.12.11