artist: Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
venue: Het Bos, Antwerpen (Belgium)
date: 2014-05-22 (22nd of May 2014)

line-up: Kid Congo (vocals/guitar)/ Kiki Solis (bass)/ Mark Cisneros (guitar) and Ron Miller (drums)

total time: 79 mins

03.Ghost On The Highway [Gun Club]
04.Su Su
05.Killer Diller
06.Dance Me Swamply
07.Loud And Proud
08.Garbageman [The Cramps]
09.I Don't Like intro
11.El Cucuy
12.Haunted Head
13.I Found A Peanut
14.Bubble Trouble
15.Conjure Man
16.The Rad Lord Returns
17.She's Like Heroin To Me [Gun Club]

18.For The Love Of Ivy [Gun Club]
19.Cracked Actor [David Bowie]

21.Can't Find My Mind [The Cramps]
22.Sex Beat [Gun Club]

notes: After 16 years, the Scheld'apen squat near the river moved their operations to the edge of the inner city at a former warehouse. They built the concerthall as a barren concrete box inside the premises, to avoid noise polution, but sadly in combination with a cheap sound system this creates a sound that bounces all over the place. So the recording suffers from an unfocussed sound and weak vocals. Too bad, because it was the best of the Kid shows I've seen. About 130 people attended.

recording equipment: Church Audio CA-11 (Cardioid) > MM-CBM-Mini Battery Box > line in > Edirol R-05

processing: r8Brain (96kHZ/24bit > 44,1kHz/16bit) >Cool Edit Pro (some edits) >CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splitting) >TLH 2.4.1 (flac - level 8 / torrent creation)