The Band of Heathens
Visulite Theatre
Charlotte, NC
January 19th, 2017

Source 1- AT 4041 mics (ORTF, FOB DFC, 15 feet from stage)
Source 2- ADK 51S mics (12 inch spread, FOB DFC, 15 feet from stage)
Recorder- Tascam DR-70 @ 24/48
Processing- 24/48 WAV > PC > r8brain (16/44) > Audacity > TLH FLAC8

Recorded by Dan Harris
Processed by billydee

01- Sugar Queen > Carry Your Love
02- DC-9
03- All I'm Asking
04- L.A. County Blues
05- Shotgun
06- Keys To The Kingdom
07- Green Grass Of California
08- Jackson Station
09- Unsleeping Eye
10- Caroline Williams
11- Alabama
12- Road Dust Wheels
13- Cracking The Code
14- banter
15- Records In Bed
16- Deep Is Love
17- Hurricane
18- Miss My Life > Trouble Came Early
19- crowd
20- Look At Miss Ohio
21- Hey Bulldog

Total time- 02:00:21

Note- this is not the same recording as the official one offered for sale by the Band of Heathens on their website. The band was ok with this recording being made and shared.

Thanks to Dan for allowing me to work on his recordings and thanks to The Band of Heathens for always being so cool to tapers.