Boise, Neurolux Lounge

SOURCE: Sonic Studios DSM6s > PA-6LC > Sony M1 DAT > Egosys 2496 digital transfer to PC

01 Monsters
02 The First Song
03 The Great Salt Lake
04 No One's Gonna Love You
05 Part One
06 Wicked Gil
07 You Make My Dreams (Hall & Oates cover)
08 Detlef Schrempf
09 Our Swords
10 Boat To Row
11 The Funeral
12 Ode to LRC

I don't believe I have ever traded or torrented this one before now. I wasn't too into this band but had heard quite a bit about them so headed down to the show. Great stage presence and banter with the crowd from Ben Bridwell, they kind of won me over. No post-processing was done on this recording.

Recorded by JLW. Transferred from DAT in 2007. Seeded on DIME 12/09.