Led Zeppelin , LP "Panty"

Compilation of '71 Hiroshima, '72 Tokyo ,and '72 Osaka
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Title: Led Zeppelin (71-72)
File Size: 477MB

1971.09.27 Hiroshima, Aud Source3
01 Stairway To Heaven
02 Celebration Day
03 That's The Way
04 Going To California
05 Tangerine
06 What Is And What Should Never Be
07 Moby Dick

1972.10.02 Tokyo, Aud Source5
08 Immigrant Song
09 Communication Breakdown
10 The Song Remains The Same
11 The Rain Song

1972.10.04 Osaka Aud Source3
12 Rock and Roll
13 Black Dog
14 Over The Hills and Far Away
15 Stairway To Heaven
16 Whole Lotta Love

LP box includes a post card, poster and rubber stamped panty.

1971.09.27 Hiroshima
AUD Source1: TARANTURA, LSD, LEMON SONG(Mainly), WENDY(Mainly), Bumble Bee(Mainly)
AUD Source2: Mud Dogs
Aud Source3: Led Zeppelin (LP, "PANTY")

1972.10.02 Tokyo
source1:Presentation 1972 (Patriot), Dancing Days (Aphrodite), Led Zeppelin is My Brother (Empress Valley), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), & No Use Greco (Tarantura)
source2:The Campaign (Tarantura) & Complete Live In Japan (LSD)
source3:Live At the Big Hall Budokan Oct 2 1972 (TDOLZ)
source4:The Overture (Sanctuary)
source5:Far East Side Story (Wendy Records), Led Zeppelin (LP, "PANTY")
source6:"Wilde West Side" bonus track"communication breakdown" (ZOSO COMPANY)
source7:Live In Tokyo Oct 2-3 (Bootleg LP)

1972.10.04 Osaka
Source 1: Raw Tapes II (Amsterdam) ,The Second Daze (Mud Dogs), Stand By Me(Apl)
Source 2: The Campaign (Tarantura), Dancing Geisha (Tarantura), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), & Raw Tapes I (Amsterdam)
Source 1&2Mixes :Dancing Jimmy & Rock Explosion '72(Tarantura2000), Connexion(Amsterdam), Live At The Festival Hall 1972(Power Archives)
Source 3: Led Zeppelin (LP, "PANTY")