B.B. King
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA
November 9, 1969

The Late Show

Source: Reel to Reel [Mono] Audience Master > Wav > EAC > TLH [sector boundary aligned] > Flac (Level 8)

kingrue upload #332


45 years ago today !!

The quality is really good considering the size of the venue.
Opening for the Rolling Stones on this tour.
Track 2 is something I've never heard anywhere before and I've heard a lot of BB.
In fact this entire recording is unique and wasn't really played like this again after this tour.
This is a valuable piece of history and insight to BB's past.
I just wish more was recorded, but I'll take this 15 minutes.
I suggest all blues fans get a copy of this.

01 Instrumental
02 You're Choking Me
03 Instrumental

Total TIme = 15:03 min