Schwimmbad Musikclub, Heidelberg, Germany
February - 17 - 1988

from MILAVALENTI collection # 119

Mix of 2 different recordings:

Master aud recording + 1st gen aud recording
Recording equipment (master recording, 1st gen recording unknown equipment)): SONY WM-D 6 with OKM 01 Headmicrophones

master tape + 1st gen tape/ cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330-> Magix Audio & Music Lab -> edit/remaster -> flac -> dime
Vg+/Ex- sound after some EQ was done (epsecially with the 1st gen recording to match the sound to the master recording) . Sound level adjusted. The mix was done because MILAVALENTI's recording had several cuts and parts of songs missing. Also there were some speed problems at several tracks of the master tape. Tracks 8 + 17 + 18 + 19 taken from the 1st gen recording. Transitions from both recordings made as smoothly as possible (with overblends).
I was not sure about some songs. It looks as if they were meant as transitions to the definite songs.

This is simply a beautiful show which takes you on a ride to other spheres. Highly enjoayable not only for fans of the band.

setlist (113:52 min.)

01 Love Puppets
02 A Lust For Powder
03 I Am The Way The Truth The Light
04 Echo Police
05 Poppy Day
07 The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes
08 The Diary *
09 Curious Guy
11 True Love
12 A Strychnine Kiss
14 Neon Mariners
16 Animals
17 The Gallery*
18 The Plasma Twins*
19 Under Glass*
21 Flowers For The Silverman
23 Love In A Plain Brown Envelope

*from 1st gen recording

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band line-up (most probably):

Edward Ka-Spel - vocals, keyboards
Phil Knight - keyboards
Hans Meyer - sound processing
Jason Salmon - bass
Barry Gray - guitar
Patrick Q. Wright - violins

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