The Legendary Pink Dots

Darmstadt, Germany
Villa Oetinger
December 04, 2004

Recording equipment:
Recorder: Sony WM-D6C
Microphone: Sony ECM-717

Sound Info:
--> recorded on tape (master)
--> converted to 44.1kHz/16bit, tracksplitting, FadeIn/FadeOut (Wavelab 3.0)
--> converted to flac8 (Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0)

Set List CD1
01. Black Zone
02. The More It Stays The Same
03. The Equalizer
04. The More It Changes
05. Premonition 16
06. In Sickness And In Health
07. The Divide

Set List CD2
08. Dominic
09. True Love
10. Soft Toy
11. Black List
12. The 3rd Secret
13. Isis Veiled
14. Stitching Time

Additional Info:
Data taken directly from the original master-tape without any further
modifications (except fade in / fade out)