Leon Russell & Edgar Winter
Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb 2nd, 1989

Source: Mono Soundboard
recorded by Billy D
Remastered by Jerseyboy

HI-FI VHS>wav>Sound Forge 10>Cd Architect>eac>Flac

1. Unknown title (partial) (lr) :26
2. Instrumental (ew) 3:59
3. Back To The Island (lr) 4:57
4. Undercover Man (ew) 4:11
5. Dixie Lullaby (lr) 4:59
6. It Ain't Against The Law (ew) 5:17
7. Big Boss Man (lr) 3:00
8. Keep Playing That Rock N Roll (ew) 4:35
9. Out In The Woods (lr) 5:12
10. Fly Away (ew) 8:09
11. Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms (lr) 1:55
12. Free Ride (ew) 4:00
13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (cut) (lr) 6:18
14. This Mascarade (ew) 7:01
15. Frankenstein (ew) 13:12
16. Hold On, I'm Coming (ew) 2:41
17. Tobacco Road (cut) (ew) 5:54

Another from the Billy D masters vault. It's a mono soundboard taken from HI-FI VHS tape. I was actually at this show
and to be honest, I was disappointed by the "Vegas-style" show they put on, and this was at a time when Leon (God rest his soul)
was travelling with that piano in a box thing. Doesn't matter because you couldn't get a grand piano on the CC stage.
I produced this to Red Book standard via CD Architect.
Thanks Bill for sharing your vast collection & allowing me to clean it up and share freely.