09. April 1978
Boston, Ma
'Paul's Hall'

pre-FM-Cassette-1. Generation (Maxell XL II S, taped with Dolby B on) =
MY Copy>Sony D6 used for the transfer; Azimuth adjustment done; without Dolby >
EDIROL-R09 (via line-in)>USB>HD>CDWav>FLAC'd, Level 8 with TLH>2CDR's (AUDIO) or CDR' (FLAC)


01. Intro by Freddie Taylor
02. Intro-music for BB to the Stage
03. Caldonia
04. Introducing The Musicians
05. How Blue Can You Get
06. Cryin' Won't Help You Now
07. Instrumental
08. Why I Sing The Blues
09. Everyday I Have The Blues (with: Dee Dee Bridgewater - vocals)
10. Three O' Clock In The Morning (with: James Montgomery - harp)
11. Instrumental (with: James Montgomery - harp)
12. Have A Little Faith
13. Need My Baby
14. Some Outside Help
15. The Thrill Is Gone
16. Guess Who

17. I Got My Mojo Working>FM-Outro

T.T.: 81',58''