B.B. King, Schongau, Germany, 1986-10-26, FM

Date: 1986-10-26 (26 October 1986)
City: Schongau, Bavaria, Germany
Broadcast: 1987-08-13, Bavarian Radio
Occasion: “Jazz im Pfaffenwinkel” festival

FM > cassette tape > WAV > flac level 8 (TLH)

B.B. King - voc, gt
Eugene Carrier - keyboards
Leon Warren - gt
Michael Doster - b
Calep Emphrey Jr. - dr
James Bolden - tp
Edgar Synigal - sax
Walter King - sax

01 band introduction >
02 The Thrill Is Gone
03 Rock Me Baby
04 How Blue Can You Get (Downhearted)
05 When The Saints Go Marching In
TRT: 25:57 min

- This is a fragment, seems to be the last part of the show. I don’t remember if this is all that
was broadcast (very well possible) or if the program was already running when I started taping.