BB King
Long Beach
16 September 1987

8th Annual Long Beach Blues Festival
Broadcast KLON FM88 Sunday 20 September 87

BB King's 62nd birthday

Uncirculated master tape incomplete FM broadcast

Lineage: Pioneer TX-7800 Tuner>Aiwa AD-6350 Cassette deck >
SONY AHF-90 Cassette>Aiwa AD-F410K cassette deck>Realtek HD Audio Soundcard>WAV>HD>Wavepad (WAV edit)>TLH (fix SBEs)> TLH FLAC level8>FLAC>

1. Let the Good Times Roll (3:39)
2. Outside Help (7:48)
3. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (5:15)
4. Soul Serenade (King Curtis) (7:15)
5. Why I Sing the Blues (4:45)
Ad Break
6. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother *
7. The Thrill is Gone *
8. #Into the Night (0:32)
9. Rock Me Baby pt1 (8:19) ->
10. Happy Birthday BB (2:39) (tape ends)
11. Rock Me Baby pt2 (5:52) with KLON interview overdubbed as broadcast.
12. KLON Credits (1:19)

* missing #end only due to paused tape recording.

Total 47:28

BB King: Vocals, Guitar
Eugene Carrier: Keyboards
Leon Warren: Guitar
Michael Doster: Bass
Calep Emphery: Drums
James Bolden: Trumpet
Edgar Synigal: Saxophone
Walter King: Saxophone

There was a long commercial break after track 5. I missed the return to the broadcast because I paused the tape and forgot the pause was on. The missing tracks are listed anyway. I flipped the tape after 'Happy Birthday BB', and the show ends with a short interview with BB overdubbed onto 'Rock Me Baby' part two. I can't find any version of this show out there, so this incomplete version is a start. BB and the band give it all up on this great show.

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