B. B. King:

Lineage: RB FM radio broadcast(on 28th March 1991) > Akai Tape Deck > analog master tape > playback on Onkyo Tape Deck > Pioneer stand alone CD recorder > CD > EAC(secure mode, enjoy EAC log in German language) > Wav > Flac Frontend(level8) > Flac (> dime > YOU)
Taper: Axel himself
File Size: 160MB
No artwork
Length: 24:59min
Information: unavailable

announced for Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK, 1989
01) Announcement RB
02) Never Make A Move Too Soon(incl. Catfish Blues)
03) Ain´t Nobody´Business
04) The Thrill Is Gone
05) Announcement RB
06) Into The Night
07) Down Hearted (faded out very soon due to broadcast end)

Length: 24:59min

B.B. King: Vocals, Guitar
Walter King: Musical Director, Saxophone
James Bolden: Trumpet
Eugene Carrier: Keyboards
Michael Doster: Bass
Leon Warren: Guitar
Edgar Synigal: Saxophone
Calep Emphrey: Drums
I´m not sure if personal info is 100% correct

"Why do people with the worst ratios do 90% of the Bitching" (thanks KPO)

also support (and record) live music,
I Do... ...as well
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(Source: RB German FM radio broadcast)