B.B. King
Jazz Festival
Aalen, Germany

Contrast Clause, Original Torrent still seeding, plays slow.



Lineage: FM cassette master tracks 1-8 / FM cassette 1st gen. tracks 9-19

This torrent is the newly speed corrected vesion.

I used Soundforge 9.0 to do all the Pitch Hertz adjustments.

I've discussed with the orginal uploader "kurzrefe" Bjorn, that his previous upload played slow.

After close study, i've learned that it was somehow converted from 48,000Hz down to 44,100Hz, causing it to play a full octave lower.

I did a few adjustments to this recording.

I changed the recording back to 48,000 Hz, which corrected the pitch.

I resampled it back down to 44,100 Hz so you can burn it to cd-r. It remains at perfect pitch.

Side A came from a CassM was boosted up +4.5 db. the remaining portion came from a 1st gen Cass and was boosted up +3.0 db.

This smoothed out the volume tape change.

I also re-tracked the recording, adding more seperate tracks.

The only reason I put this up on Dime, is because i didn't want the slow version to be the only copy available.

This really needs to be heard at the right pitch, which i have fixed and brought here. Many Thanks to Bjorn for sharing this long lost FM broadcast which

we now can enjoy forever.

Check out the before and after Mp3 samples and hear the difference.

Enjoy (kingrue)

Set List

01 Blues Band #1
01 Blues Band #2
03 BB King Intro Jam
04 Let The Good Times Roll
05 When It All Comes Down
06 Caledonia
07 All Over Now (Instrumental)
08 Back in L.A. (Side A Ends)
09 Chains of Love (1st gen tape starts)
10 Night Life
11 Aint Nobody Home
12 Blues Boy Boogie
13 I Gotta Move
14 Rock Be Baby
15 Thrill is Gone
16 Band Introduction Jam (tape flip)
17 Movin On
18 When Love Comes To Town
19 Fanfare Outro

Total Time After Speed Correction = 119:02 min

B.B. King - Guitar, Vocals
Mighty Michael Doster - Bass
Leon Warren - Guitar
James Toney - Keyboards
Calep Emphrey Jr - Drums
James Boogaloo Bolden - Trumpet
Walter King - Saxophone
Melvin Jackson - Saxophone
Tony Coleman - Percussion