OK Blues fans this is one of my top 5 shows of all time. The late great Magic Sam playing in a power trio format. I have no info on the bass and drums but they're excellent musicians also. I got this in a trade about 10 years ago in a CDR trade but didn't have any info about it except that it was in 1969 and it was at Mandrake's in Oakland, CA. It's a stereo recording that's very enjoyable and clean and around 80 minutes of fun. I can't tell if it's a soundboard or audience tape. The last track which is Hideaway and Sweet Home Chicago start to have some imperfections in the recording.

If you don't know Magic Sam, he was destined to be the next great blues guitar hero but he died in 1969 at 32 of a heart attack. This show will make you an instant fan and he just rocks the night with his great guitar playing and singing. If you never heard Magic Sam you have to hear this show.

I don't know the lineage of this show.

Magic Sam-Guitar & Vocals

Magic Sam 1969 Mandrake's Oakland, CA

01. San Ho-zay
02. All Your Love
03. You Don't Love Me
04. Tremble
05. Mama Talk to your Daughter
06. I need your Love so Bad
07. I Feel So Good
08. Love me or Leave Me
09. Boogie then a Johnnie Morris Song
10. That's All I Need
11. I Don't Want No Woman
12. I've Got Papers on you Baby
13. Lookin' Good
14. You Done Lost your Good thing Now
15. Mary Had A Little Lamb (Instrumental)
16. Hideaway/Sweet Home Chicago