MARK kNOPFLER (Dire Straits) - 1996-05-19 "LIVE IN BRISTOL 1996" Excellent soundboard!! ( Chet Atkins speeches included)

Colston Hall, Bristol, England, 1996-May-19th

Source: soundboard (FM)
Quality : 9.5 (1-10 scale)


1. Chet Atkins intro**
2. Walk of Life
3. Rudiger
4. I'm the fool
5. Last exit to Brooklyn
6. Romeo and Juliet
7. RĂ¼diger
8. Done with Bonaparte
9. A night in summer long ago
10. Father and son
11. Golden heart
12. Cannibals
13. Brothers in arms
14. Money for nothing
15. Going home (Local Hero)
16. Chet Atkins outro

Colston Hall, Bristol, England, 19 May 1996.

Additional info:

This is one of the radio braodcasts from the Golden Heart tour.

There were two different broadcasts of this concert, one in UK and one in Norway.

This is a mix of these two different broadcasts.

The sound is perfect!!!

The performance is excellent.

Includes also the intro and outro which Chet Atkins did.!!!

This has a Perfect stereo sound comparing to the less complete silver "Golden Tears"

A must to have! (1CDR)

Comments (pyroman):

Too bad this isn't a complete concert, because it's fantastic!

The sound quality is wonderful, as it is taken from two radio broadcasts.

The intro and outro by Chet Atkins are a very nice extra.


* Enlight note:

The record Chet is talking about, in the beginning intro,
when he first recorded with mark is called ''SAILS" in 1987
they recorded a wonderfull version of "why worry".

Mark was ( and still is) a great admirer of Chet...and i believe (well Mark said it himself)
Chet made him even a better guitarplayer then he already was.

Mark once said: that after Chet died he kept a paper with a few licks written on it by Chet,
in his pocket for a long time, because he found it difficult to look at it.....i have allways asked myself in which song Mark put those licks, i guess i will never know.

Only the fact that good old Chet Atkins does the into and outro speech for this great concert.........need i
say more?

please see here for a great Chet Atkins concert including Mark Knopfler, the cover says enough about their friendship, i guess:


++I UPLOAD THIS TORRENT in MEMORY of CHET Atkins (the best fingerpicking guitarist who ever lived)++

===================================Chet Atkins (1924-2001)=========================================

Take Care