Mazzy Star 09Aug1990 New York, Woody's

Source: Audience
Generation: M/1
Lineage Info: Ecm929lt > Sony Wm-d6c > Master Cassette (probably Maxell Metal c90) >
My tape Maxell Xl II > Kenwood KX-W6050 > Analog Cables > Soundcard > Soundforge 6.0 >
Wav > Tracks split > Flac Frontend Level 6
Taper: SS
Lenght: 60'
01 Be My Angel
02 Blue Flower
04 Ghost HIighway
05 She Hangs Brightly
06 Give You My Lovin'
07 Halah
11 Bells Ring
12 Ride It On
13 Before I Sleep

Notes: this Master tape was somewhat magnetized. you can mainly hear it at the end of the
recording although it's not too boring. It's one of the early (if not the one) Mazzy Star recording
in circulation. Thanks to Scott For being there and taping.

This upload was a request by my friend Pedro Living on The Flowers Island...

Enjoy !