Mazzy Star

The Fleece

Thomas St, Bristol

Au1 Cassette (Maxell SXII 90) > Denon DR-M44 Deck > M Audio 192 Soundcard
Wavelab 6 > 24/48 . Fades/edits/Volume Increase > Wav > TLH > Flac (8)

Unknown (received in trade the week after)

Recording equipment
Sony WM-D6C & ECM909A

Transfer & Uploaded


Set list

Give you my lovin'
Blue light
Bells ring
Hair & skin
Ghost highway
She hangs brightly
Ride it on
Into dust
Flowrrs into December
So tonight that I might see
Let that be


I remember this because it was the first day of the world cup and I had serious
reservations about going to this gig as it meant staying over and booking a B&B
which at that time was more money than I had, you can imagine now that I'm happy
I made the right choice, even if the B&B was a shithole.
Here's the very strangest of things, after the gig I was stood outside disconnecting
the recorder and mics when a guy came over and asked if I'd recorded the show, being
somewhat concerned I very sheepishly said yes but that it was for personal use only,
the guy laughed and pulled out not only the same recorder but the very same mic which
at that time were the top end of analoge recorders/mics. We exchange addresses and I
sent him mine and he sent his. If you're the guy then please contact me as I fear that
I lost my master in a flood some years back, I still have some boxes of unlabelled
tapes but I think it was one of the ones I lost.....

Anyway, here's a very nice recording of a lovely show, I was stood no more that five
feet away from Hope and consequently nearly forgot to flip the tape!!!