Mazzy Star - 1994-10-01, Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre,
Bridge School Benefit,
day one of two (Mazzy Star played a second set next day, Oct. 2)

01 Ride it On
02 Flowers in December
03 Into Dust
04 Leaving on a Train, (a.k.a. Let That Be [unreleased])
05 Fade Into You

This recording's from Scott Simpson's collection, one he received in trade,
an audience recording. Aside from the audience being talkative, it's a good
recording. Scott's notes say it's from a 1st Generation tape copy.

The annual Bridge School Benefit was co-founded by Neil Young
as is the school (for physically disabled children) itself. Mazzy Star was
one of seven bands/artists that played the 1994 benefit. They played short sets
each of the two days.

Pro-shot video was shot of both Mazzy Star's two sets at the benefit. The video
from the second day, Oct. 2 is findable at youtube under a title with "Shoreline
Amphitheatre" in it. Video of this Oct. 1 set also exists. I've not yet ever seen
it but would like to. If anyone has info. about the Oct. 1 video, do pass it along.

Mazzy Star's drummer Keith Mitchell reminisced about playing
this 1994 Bridge School Benefit weekend in a brief comment he left in a Facebook
Group thread, Dec. 14, 2016:
QUOTE: "What a great weekend! I got to play conga drum with Neil Young,
Crazy Horse and Pearl Jam on the second night's encore. We visited Neil's
house the night before."
-Keith Mitchell
Mystery Solved re. Song Titles of Some Unreleased Mazzy Star Songs:

This is additional info. unrelated to this specific show, but likely
of interest to Mazzy Star fans who've collected shows from the year 1990.
A handwritten setlist used by Hope on stage at a 1990 Chicago (Metro
Cabaret) show turned up. The fan who collected it from the stage, post-show
in 1990, posted photos front & back of it to a Facebook Group site in 2016.
The set list is significant 'cause it helps identify correcet titles of previously uncertain
titles of some unreleased songs the band played live in 1990.
Scott's own recording he made of the 1990 NYC, Woody's show has three songs
identifiable by the set list by cross-referencing titles and lyrics.

For instance, the setlist shows a song called "CANDLE". This must be the correct
title to the song commonly known as "It's a Shame," a tentative title bootleg
tapers and collectors likely gave it. The song's first line is:
"Hold a CANDLE to my face." Title mystery now solved!

The setlist appears to also solve the mystery of the song title to
a 1990 song that in bootleg track listings I've seen is (non)ID-ed simply as "unknown (title)".
I previously gave it the tentative title "Bad Dreams Smile," which is a line taken
from its chorus. But because of the 1990 setlist-as-evidence there's good reason now to think it's
the same song the set list lists as "WALK IN DARK," because the song's lyrics have two
lines about walking, QUOTE: "And you walk with your eyes closed to me," which fits the title.
There's also "I strolled by the lake: change of feelings"

Plus, the setlist confirms the title already commonly given to another unreleased song known as
-This folder contains photos of the 1990 set list, two photos shot by photographer Neal Preston
of Hope on stage at the benefit Oct. 1, 1994, and a photo of a poster from the 1994 benefit
listing the bands who played. Many artists signed the poster, including Hope, Suki,
and Keith of Mazzy Star. The poster was displayed at a more recent Bridge School Benefit as
a historical interest artifact. A fan took a photo of it.