Mazzy Star - 1994-10-21, The Academy, NYC
(opening for JAMC)

01 Flowers in December
02 Halah
03 She's My Baby
04 She Hangs Brightly
05 Wasted
06 Ride It On
07 Leaving On A Train (a.k.a. Let That Be)
08 Fade Into You
09 Blue Flower (Slapp Happy cover)

Another fine show from Scott Simpson's collection, one he received in
trade. A well recorded show. It's a unique Mazzy Star show as it contains
what I believe is the only live version of the song "Wasted" I personally
have ever heard. I looked through track lists of other shows I have, and
couldn't find "Wasted" anywhere else among mine (unless I overlooked something).

This was the tour when Hope would come out during JAMC's set and sing the
duet, "Sometimes Always" with Jim Reid which JAMC had released as a
single that year. Hope and William Reid were a couple at the time.

Scott's original notes say: "(opening for JAMC) probably 1st Gen"