Mazzy Star - July 11, 1996, Paris, Le Divan du Monde FLAC,
69 minutes

Very good quality audience recording. Recordings of 1996-7 Mazzy Star shows aren't
quite as abundant as ones from 1993-4. So, having another good quality recording
from 1996 that includes some songs from 1996's album, "Among my Swan," is

I don't have technical details of the original Paris recording. The tape this
audio file's taken from, & the digital transfer of it, are Scott Simpson's.
His tape is a Maxell II-S cassette tape labelled DAT2 (digital audio tape).
He received the recording in trade. I've previously uploaded & shared on his
behalf (via, & via fan site,,
Scott's five excellent 1990s Mazzy Star gig recordings he recorded
himself. In future, I'll be uploading some more 1990s Mazzy Star shows,
ones new to me, Scott is sharing that, like this one, he received in trade,
shows that, as far as I know, have not been circulating widely in recent years.

00 (band takes the stage)
01 Bells Ring
02 Halah
03 Disappear
04 She Hangs Brightly
05 Blue Flower (Slapp Happy cover)
06 Flowers in December
07 Five String Serenade (Arthur Lee & Love cover)
08 Ride it On
09 Leaving on a Train (a.k.a. Let That Be)[unreleased]
10 I've Been Let Down
11 Still Cold
12 Ghost Highway
13 So Tonight That I Might See
14 Give You My Lovin'


I first shared this recording via fan site
in the extensive bootlegs-with-download-links thread there:
(check it out). That's when webmaster Emma
mentioned she'd attended this 1996 Divan du Monde Paris show, &
she posted her recollections of the show, quoted here below:

QUOTE: "I was lucky enough to attend this show and your bootleg brought back nice
memories. The live performance of Five String Serenade was certainly one
of the highlights of the show (a great rarity!). Besides the Five String Serenade
live version, I like a lot their live performance of Disappear and the way
that David jammed on that song.

As this concert took place twenty years ago, I forgot the small details of
their performance but I remember that the show was professionally filmed.
When we arrived at the entrance to the venue, we found a warning sign
from Mazzy Star's management informing us that the concert would be filmed
and asking us not to enter if we didn't want to appear in the footage.
I have always wondered what they did with this concert footage. Given the
number of cameras that had been set up in the venue, I initially thought
the video recording would be released as a concert footage/DVD box by
Capitol Records. Maybe the problems that occurred during the show prevented
them from releasing the footage. (You probably noticed that David had
problems with his guitar on Let That Be. I remember there was also a
problem on Still Cold. Hope didn't seem happy with Keith Mitchell's
drum beat when they started to play the song. So she left the front
of the stage and moved to the back of the stage to talk to him for a while.
This explains why the Still Cold introduction is a bit longer than usual.)

I may be wrong but I think some parts of the footage were finally used in
the official Disappear video. (Hope was wearing the same black bustier dress
as the one you can see in the video. Also, the venue looks similar to
Le Divan du Monde.)" -Emma