Mazzy Star
Copenhagen Vega, DK

Source: 2xSony ECM-155->Sony TC-D7
Transfer: Master tape->Sony pcm-7040->ultramatch->optical->iriver->hd->cep->cdwav->flac

01. Intro
02. Disappear
03. Rhymes of an Hour
04. So Tonight That I Might See
05. Cry Cry
06. Halah
07. Ride It On
08. Flowers in December
09. Look on Down from the Bridge
10. Still Cold
11. She Hangs Brightly
12. Blue Flower
13. Give You My Lovin
14. Umbilical
15. I've Been Let Down
16. Ghost Highway

NB! Support this evening came from Sparklehorse

Mazzy Star's performance at Little Vega, in Copenhagen, was an almost gothic experience.
The concert started a few minutes after midnight, and lasted about 75 minutes.
I haven't heard or seen anything like this before, Mazzy Star is just so much better live.
The audience was spellbound in what seemed like an fairytale with the most beautiful mermaid one can imagine, from another time or planet.
The Danish newspapers are filled with extremely good reviews. The words are so well-chosen that I will frame them, and keep them forever.
- Henrik Filskov (fan review)