Mazzy Star @ Harlows Sacramento, CA on April 07,2012

Alina Hardin, Entrance Band opened Mazzy Star headlined.

Second stop on tour to Coachella.

Track 01- Disappear
Track 02- Blue Flower
Track 03- Common Burn
Track 04- She Hangs Brightly
Track 05- Ghost Highway
Track 06- Ride It On
Track 07- Spoon
Track 08- Fade Into You
Track 09- Lay Myself Down
Track 10- Flyin Low
Track 11- Encore Break
Track 12- Into Dust
Track 13- So Tonight I Might See

Approx Length: 69:27 Min.

Recording Info:
Recorded by Ozowie
Just Left of soundboard, crowd noise mostly VIP area (Shame they aren't more respectful to an artist not trying to play at deafening levels).
Tascam DR-07mkII (24/96) > USB > WAV > WaveLab (16/44.1, Splitting) > FLAC (level 8, verify, Align on sector boundaries)

Slight level issues on track 10 and 13, unable to monitor levels during performance and peaks were right on the edge. PA in club seemed underpowered for the vocals as some monitor feedback and quiet vocal mixes persisted throughout the performance.

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