Mazzy Star - 2012-11-4 (Nov. 4) Seattle, WA
I attended the show & this is my own recording
using a Zoom H1 digital audio recorder recording in WAV at 96khz/16 bit.

1 Look on Down From the Bridge
2 Cry, Cry
3 Lay Myself Down
4 Ride it On
5 Does Someone Have Your Baby Now
6 Into Dust
7 She Hangs Brightly
8 Halah
9 Fade Into You
10 In the Kingdom
11 Blue Flower (Slapp Happy cover)
12 Disappear
13 So Tonight That I Might See (encore)

Hope Sandoval: vocals, harmonica, tambourine
David Roback: guitar
Keith Mitchell: drums
Suki Ewers: keyboards, second guitar
Josh Yenne: steel guitar, second guitar
(unknown male musician): bass, violin on Into Dust. (It's not Colm O'Ciosoig who
played bass on the 2012 tour. In 2013, he's touring with My Bloody Valentine, apparently)

Opening acts were Mariee Sioux, & The Entrance Band (not included in this recording)

The recording quality's very good on most songs. The biggest exception is
Look on Down From the Bridge (first track) which is plagued with clicking
noises through parts of it caused by my fiddling with, & anxiously trying to re-identfy, multiple
tiny controls in the dark. The built-in mics unfortunately picked up the sounds of
my fingers. This was the first time I'd used a digital recorder (I rented one for the day)
& first time in decades I'd recorded any live show, so wasn't ideally prepared. Too bad Mazzy
Star had to be the band used to test out the recorder. Cry, Cry suffers from less clicking,
& a couple of other songs have only rare instances of similar noises on them. The rest of
the songs are clean. I'll do better next time. Something that helped the quality though
was the Seattle audience was so respectful of the artists & stayed quiet instead of chattering
through the set as too often happens in some other cities at Mazzy Star shows.

Cry, Cry got off to a slow start 'cause David was having technical
problems with his guitar amp. Hope was getting frustrated at the sound problems
& that's what got her talking about having a cocktail break. (She already had a glass of red
wine beside her). The venue had a bar area roped off with some reserved seating chairs
placed there. That's why Hope said ''I know you all can't have cocktails down here
(i.e. in the floor section at the front) which makes it just - not fun.''