Artist: B.B. King
Date: 1996-09-01
Location: Sioux City, IA
Venue: Lewis & Clark Ballpark (Bullpen Blues Festival)
Source: Audience
Lineage Source: master cassette(TDK MA110)>wav(24/192)>wav(16/44)>flac
Transfer: master cassette>Revox B 215>Monster Studiolink 1/4 to RCA cable(balanced pair)>Audiophile 192>Adobe Audition 3.0 (Done Jan 2010)
Taping Gear: Sennheizer MD 211-U>Sony D-6
Taped By: Charley C.
Transferred By: weedwacker

01. Instrumental (cuts in)
02. Instrumental
03. B.B. King Intro
04. Let The Good Times Roll
05. Chains Of Love
06. Paying The Cost
07. Five Long Years
08. When It All Comes Down
09. Darlin' You Know I Love You
10. We're Gonna Make It
11. B.B. King Talking ->
12. Bluesman
13. Accept My Love Love
14. Rock Me Baby
15. The Thrill Is Gone

Length: 73:54

Excellent sound recording made by Charley taped at the rear of the soundboard. This is an alt source to currently circulating recording and may or may not be an upgrade sound wise. The Neville Brothers opened the show. Ticket stub scan also included.