24 August 1997
Reading Festival, England

Master > 1st Gen cassette (D. Stubbs) > Wave >
CD-Wave (for splitting) > Flac (align on sector boundries to eliminate SBEs)

1. No remorse (jam)
2. So What!
3. Master of puppets
4. King Nothing
5. Sad but True
6. Fuel
7. Hero of the day
8. Ainít my bitch
9. One
10. Until it sleeps
11. For whom the bell tolls
12. Wherever I may roam
13. Nothing else matters
14. Enter Sandman
15. The Memory Remains (instrumental)
16. Stone cold crazy
17. Creeping death
18. Battery
19. Last Caress
20. Motorbreath

Transfered using a JVC tape deck through to line in, imported into
Adobe Audition 1.5 for saving to PCM wave. Copies were made of the
first generation cassettes provided by D. Stubbs, the copies were not
used for the transfers. The first generations were used.

No changes to these tapes were made.

Credits: D. Stubbs for kindly providing the tapes for transfer.

- Brainysod.