Mick Turner and Jeffrey Wegener

7 February 2009
Hopetoun Hotel
Surry Hills
Sydney Australia

01 intro (0:24)
02 (4:36)
03 (3:36)
04 (5:24)
05 (7:32)
06 (3:14)
07 "a seaside ditty" (6:20)
08 (8:03)
09 (5:34)

Mick Turner: guitar, keyboard, loops
Jeffrey Wegener: drums

Lineage: SP-CMC-20 > SP-SPSB-1 (bass roll-off @ 69Hz) > Edirol R-09 > Sandisk 2GB SD card > USB > G4 > Sound Studio (amplify left channel 4.00dB, tracking, fade-out) > xACT > remove SBEs > FLAC

Any help with the setlist is welcome

A gjfatty recording
shared at Dime: March 2009

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The occasional pairing of Mick Turner (of the Dirty Three) and Jeffrey Wegener (from the Laughing Clowns) opened proceedings on a very hot night at "the Hoey". We were treated to their transcendental blend of cool hybrid surf jazz improv, to prepare the way for Damo Suzuki's spellbinding performance of scorched freeform.

The Hopetoun is a little pub in Surry Hills renowned for its enduring support of live music in the inner city. While most pubs have moved toward gambling or food for their primary income, the Hoey continues to host live shows seven days a week.