Mike Errico
Reid Chapel
Lake Forest College
Lake Forest, IL
January 31, 2002

Source: (crawfordjason@yahoo.com) Sony TRV-11 MiniDV camera 10ft from stage -> Adobe Premiere -> WAV -> SHN

Disc 1:

01. Springtime
02. All My Life (Strawberry Song)
03. Sooner or Later
04. Be Your Man (Red Dress Song)
05. God
06. Fry Cook Story
07. Keep It To Myself
08. Good Things (cover tune)
09. Yahoo! Map Story
10. 1,000 Miles

Disc 2:

01. Shook Me All Night ->
02. Hair Wash Story ->
03. Shook Me All Night Outro
04. When I Get Out Of Jail
05. When She Walks By
06. Daylight Intro Story ->
07. Daylight
08. Mike Speak
09. Someday

This is the first show I have ever taped. Mike Errico is an excellent artist from NYC. Check him out at: http://www.errico.com This was my second time seeing him. If he is ever in your area, check him out. If you like John Mayer, David Gray, Dave Matthews or Howie Day, you'll like Mike Errico.

"God" was very appropriate since this show was held in a chapel on campus.