Mike Watt
May 6, 1995
The Metro: Chicago, IL

Source: VHS(m) SBD > ANA > DAT > Cool Edit > CDR(2) > EACb4 > FLAC

Digital Editing: Unknown
Encoding/Retracking: nmc
Artwork: nmc


01 Walking the Cow
02 Big Train
03 Formal Introduction
04 Against the 70's
05 Drove up from Pedro
06 Habit
07 Makin' the Freeway
08 Chinese Firedrill
09 Piss-Bottle Man
10 Forever - One Reporter's Opinion
11 E-Ticket Ride
12 Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
13 Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss
14 The Red and the Black
15 Secret Garden
16 Powerful Hankerin'


TRT: 60:33

Mike Watt - bass, vocals
Dave Grohl - drums, guitar on three songs, backup vocals
Eddie Vedder - guitar left, backup vocals, lead vocals on 'Habit'
Pat Smear - guitar right, backup vocals, lead vocals on 'Secret Garden'
William Goldsmith - drums

Song Credits:
'Walking the Cow' is a Daniel Johnston song (from 'Continued Story' album, covered by fIREHOSE on 'Flyin' the Flannel' album)
'Formal Introduction' & 'Powerful Hankerin' are fIREHOSE songs (from 'Mr. Machinery Operator' album)
'Makin' the Freeway' is a fIREHOSE song (from 'If'n' album)
'Political Song' is a Minuteman song (from 'Double Nickels on the Dime' album)
'Habit' is a Pearl Jam song (from 'No Code' album)
'The Red and the Black' is a Blue Oyster Cult song (from 'Tyranny and Mutation' album)
'Secret Garden' is a Madonna song (from 'Erotica' album)

Audio Notes:
This recording comes from a pro-shot video master of the show, in which an audio copy was traded
to a friend of a camera man on tape, cleaned up with Cool Edit, and put to CD.
There is a slight skip before track 8 begins (present on original copy), and a few audio shifts
periodically throughout the show that are only noticeable if you have headphones on.

Show Notes:
This was one of the shows on Mike Watt's 'Ringspiel' tour in April-May of 1995, supported by the then
newly-formed Foo Fighters (of which Grohl, Smear, and Goldsmith were in) and Hovercraft (which featured Vedder
on drums and his then-wife Beth Liebling). By the end of the tour, Eddie had stopped playing with the
Watt crew because his presence became a distraction with fans only showing up to see him. It's almost
impossible to tell who is playing what instrument, it's just a great rock show.

Notable on these shows is the premier of the song 'Habit,' which was yet to be premiered by Pearl Jam.
It was eventually played a handful of times the rest of the 1995 PJ tour, but it is not known if
it was written before or during the 'Ringspeil' tour.


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Originally compiled by NMC 5/31/04