Miley Cyrus aka.-Hannah Montana
Fort Worth, Texas- Fort Worth Convention Center Arena
November 14, 2007
a "time was just a joke" production
Please do not buy or sell this recording! Trade freely.

Hannah Montana-
01. Rock Star
02. Life's What You Make It
03. Just Like You
04. Old Blue Jeans
05. Nobody's Perfect
06. Pumpin' Up The Party
07. I'v Got Nerve
08. We Got The Party (With Us)
09. Look Me In The Eyes *
10. Year 3000 *
Miley Cyrus-
11. Start All Over
12. We Can
13. See You Again

disc II

01. Let's Dance
02. I'm Right Here
03. High School Musical
04. G.N.G. (Girls Night Out)
05. Best Of Both Worlds
06. Exit Jam
07. I Miss You

*Jonas Brothers