Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA
December 17, 2007


Schoeps MK41's>NBox+>Edirol R-09 (Recorded at 24 Bit/48khz)
Recorded & Transferred By NickyC


Edirol R-09>USB>Wavelab 5.0(Fades & Uv22HR Dither to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV>FLAC

Special Thanks To Edtyre for loaning out the MK41's and to the Flying Gonz for not only hooking me up with the tickets, but for walking me through getting this torrent up!


Hannah Montana-
01. Rock Star
02. Life's What You Make It
03. Just Like You
04. Old Blue Jeans
05. Nobody's Perfect
06. Pumpin' Up The Party
07. I'v Got Nerve
08. We Got The Party (With Us)
09. Look Me In The Eyes *
10. Year 3000 *
Miley Cyrus-
11. Start All Over
12. Good and Broken
13. See You Again
14. Let's Dance
15. I'm Right Here
16. East Northumberland High
17. G.N.G. (Girls Night Out)
18. Best Of Both Worlds

19. I Miss You

*Jonas Brothers