Modest Mouse
03.01.98 Great American Music Hall; San Francisco, CA.
Taper: house soundman
Source: SBD > ANA (unknown deck); ANA-M > HD > CDR
Location: n/a
Conversion:Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck > Panasonic SV-3800 DAT
(for A/D converting) AES/EBU digital connnection > AdB soundcard
Editor: Phil Adams
Editing: None
SHNed by: Jason Roth - CDR-1 > EAC > MKW Audio Compression Tool
un-SHN and FLAC by: shacklyn75 FLAC @ level 8

Disc 1- 68:23
01. Dark Center of the Universe
02. Doin' the Cockroach
03. Polar Opposites
04. Dramamine
05. Cowboy Dan
06. Trailer Trash
07. Custom Concern
08. Breakthrough
09. Neverending Math Equation
10. Tundra/Desert

Recording Notes: slight cut at the start of Custom Concern due to a tape flip.

Notes: recorded by the house sound guy, but I dont know his name.
Also...this has 3 more songs than the AUD source.

Reseed Notes: reseed by shacklyn75 on 2-8-05
i changed it to FLAC. thats it.