Modest Mouse
Empty Bottle
Chicago, Illinois, USA

AUD>Sony PC-62>Sony WM-D3 (mic in, NR off)>Maxell XLII 90>Sony RX606ES (NR off, line out)>Sony
M10 @ 24/44 (line in)>Soundforge AS9 (normalize, dither to 16bit)>CD Wave (tracking)>Trader’s Little
Helper (flac 8)

01 - Dark Center of the Universe
02 - Doin' the Cockroach
03 - Out of Gas
04 - Trucker's Atlas
05 - Buffalo Girl
06 - Cowboy Dan
07 - Trailer Trash
08 - Breakthrough
09 - Never Ending Math Equation
10 - Tundra/Desert
11 - The Shitstorm
12 - All Nite Diner

Notes - When I was looking for my old Walkman a few weeks ago, I found a few neglected tapes in the box
with the Walkman. It seems that the only record of this show are a few videos. This master tape was
lightly traded, if at all. The sound is excellent with minimal audience intrusion.

I'm not too big on hyping my own uploads, but I'll call this a must listen for any Modest Mouse fan.

Taped by Chris R, digitized by Jay R (apiary009 at gmail dot com)

If you want to use the recording for anything other than personal listening, please ask first.