Modest Mouse
December 22, 2002
The Showbox
Seattle WA

**********Please don't trade or circulate this show in any format other than how it is here. Never convert shows from lossless to mp3 and then back again.**********


Disk 1

Track 01 - Intro
Track 02 - Never Ending Math Equation
Track 03 - Paper Thin Walls
Track 04 - Sample Song (Ocean) ~
Track 05 - Out of Gas
Track 06 - Doin' the Cockroach
Track 07 - Third Planet
Track 08 - Here it Comes
Track 09 - Sittin' in a Coffin ~

Disk 2

Track 01 - Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
Track 02 - Wild Pack of Family Dogs
Track 03 - A Life of Artic Sounds
Track 04 - crowd noise (encore break)
Track 05 - new song (song may be named now...was not named on setlist at time of show)
Track 06 - I Came as a Rat>Spilled Milk Factory^ (lyric tease) ^Ugly Casanova
Track 07 - crowd noise (encore break)
Track 08 - Night on the Sun

~ shows with this mark may have different names "officially"

*Unless something changes in the future (and I hope it does) this was the last show that Jeremiah Green played drums for the band. Phil Ek ran the board.*