Modest Mouse
San Jose State Event Center Arena
San Jose, CA

i recorded the show about in front of the sound board and clipped the mic to my hat.
i used a sony mz-m10 mini disc recorder and used sonic stage to transfer the show off the
mini disc recorder and converted it to wav and a friend helped with the rest due to my

My source info (split > .flac (level ) (sony mz-m10 mini disc recorder )> .wav 16 bit 44100
Hz > split tracks > .flac (level

Taper: jared aka modest_freak


02-Paper Thin Walls
03-Bury Me With It
05-Fire It Up
07-We've Got Everything
08-Fly Trapped in a Jar
09-Float On
10-Trailer Trash
12-Satin in a Coffin
13-Custom Conern
14-Doin' the Cockroach
15-Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
16-The View
18-Ocean Breathes Salty
19-Spitting Venom

a great show of modest mouse. this is my first torrent so sorry if anything is not right.
highlight of the show would be custom concern for sure....and tiny cities made of ashes
was awesome...eric was absent due to personal problems so bassit from love as laughter
played bass on some songs and the rest tom played bass. and spitting venom was pretty cool.
i really liked the trumpet solo part.

Do not sell this bootleg. That's all I want.
Otherwise, do whatever you want with it.