Modest Mouse
August 19, 2007
Festival Pier
Philadelphia, PA

Church Audio STC-11s > CA-9100 Preamp > iRiver h120 (16 bit/44.1 wav)

Transfer: wav file > usb wire > Sound Studio (Mac OS 10.3.9) > split files .aif > flac (xACT)

Location: 20 rows back on the audience right side of the stage, Isaac's side (completely stealth)

The show was great, but the crowd was absolutely awful. There's a bit of talking between songs and some singing audible during the recording, but the music came out clearly and captured the band's fantastic performance. Great extended versions of Tiny Cities and Dramamine; Broke and Out of Gas were highlights for me (Broke is just about my favorite MM song).

Please enjoy and share freely and losslessly. Convert to mp3 only for personal use.


01. Intro
02. Invisible
03. Paper Thin Walls (cut short by the band)
04. Dashboard
05. Fire It Up
06. Bukowski
07. Education
08. Float On
09. Fly Trapped In A Jar
10. Missed The Boat
11. Broke
12. Tiny Cities > Jam (including vocal improv)
13. Doin' The Cockroach
14. Little Motel
15. Satin In A Coffin
16. Black Cadillacs
17. The View
18. Encore Break
19. Bury Me With It
20. Out of Gas
21. Dramamine > Jam (Isaac walks off stage, band finishes without him)