Modest Mouse - Palace Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, 2nd April, 2008 (FM)

Broadcast: 16th & 22nd June 2008 on JJJ Live at the Wireless.

Lineage: FM->Audacity(split tracks/patches/fade out)->Wav->Flac(level8)


01. Paper Thin Walls
02. King Rat
03. Dashboard
04. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
05. Here It Comes
06. Satin In A Coffin
07. Fly Trapped In A Jar
08. Float On
09. We've Got Everything
10. Bukowski
11. The View
12. Parting Of The Sensory

A blend of the two broadcasts to cast out the dj annoyances. The recording is excellent quality.

It's like a dream come true - Johnny Marr back in a brilliant band! An unexpected, amazing renaissance for him. Modest Mouse were always excellent and now they're perfect. That must be him (mostly) in the left channel being amazing, or I'll be a monkey's uncle. And I'm not a monkey! I just love the way he plays guitar. :)

An amazing 10 minute Tiny Cities folding into Here It Comes. I reluctantly, carefully, made the split between them for the upload, but you can just join them back together if you like (together they make 17 minutes).

A good review with pictures.

Azure Sea.