Modest Mouse
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, CO

Source: Core Sound LC Binaurals w/ Low Sensitivity > iRiver H120 (Rockboxed)
Transfer: H120 > USB > CD Wave (splitting) > Trader's Little Helper v.2.4.1 > .flac, .ffp, .torrent
Location: Row 28 Seat 10

Taped & Seeded by brianblank
"It's only a memory if you don't record it"

Spread the music, but please do not distribute MP3 or other lossy formats
Please do not profit from this recording in any way

Satin In A Coffin (missing)
01. The View (cut in)
02. Dashboard 
03. Fire It Up 
04. Trucker's Atlas 
05. Wild Packs Of Family Dogs 
06. Paper Thin Walls 
07. Education 
08. Black Cadillacs 
09. The Good Times Are Killing Me 
10. Spitting Venom *

* I Came As A Rat (Lyric Tease)