BB King
Montreux Jazz Festival
Auditorium Stravinski
06 july 2004

Source: Swiss Radio FM broadcast - thanks Elmar, and tsc!
My little bit: cdr > eac > flac level 8 > torrent

Generic artwork included, if anyone can correct/complete the tracklist I came up with, please go ahead. The perfect thing would be that some of you kind folks creates an insert with the setlist and maybe attach it to the torrent forum. Thanks a lot!

01 - Instrumental Intro 11:17
02 - Claude Nobs Intro 02:49
03 - Why I Sing the Blues 08:08
04 - Every Day I Have the Blues 06:25
05 - I Need You So 07:19
06 - Bad Case of Love 03:44
07 - Intro 01:11
08 - Please Accept My Love 08:14

01 - When Love Comes to Town 08:52
02 - Darling You Know I Love You 09:52
03 - Caledonia 03:19
04 - Summertime 02:52
05 - Early in the Morning 05:10
06 - ? > Key to the Highway 06:44
07 - Rock Me Baby 04:46
08 - The Thrill is Gone 04:11
09 - Radio outro 01:04

Well, I did a little search and realized that this has not been on torrent yet, so why not?
BB is the King of Blues, and he always enjoys to play the Montreux Jazz Festival, which he visits almost yearly. I saw him last year there (great show!) and from what I hear this years' performance has not been much different in quality.

I left out the first instrumental because there was quite a bit of radio chat, I know some of you don't like too many words. Shame this broadcast ended just as the jam session began...if anyone has it, please get in touch!

Hope you enjoy
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