Modest Mouse
August 25, 2009
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL

Taper: Brian Emerick
Location: Rear of Soundboard, hanging around collar 5' high
Source: CA-11 Cardiods > SPSB-6 > Edirol R-09HR 24-bit 48K > SDHC
Conversion: SDHC > Audacity (fades) > CDWAVE (splitting) > xACT > FLAC (8)



01: Intro
02: King Rat
03: 3rd Planet
04: Education
05: Black Cadillacs
06: Gravity Rides Everything
07: Shit Luck
08: Satellite Skin
09: Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
10: Baby Blue Sedan
11: Dashboard
12: Dramamine
13: Guilty Cocker Spaniels
14: Blame It On the Tetons
15: Wild Packs of Family Dogs
16: The View
17: Satin in a Coffin
18: - Encore Break -
19: Paper Thin Walls
20: Ohio
21: Parting of the Sensory


Show was shortened due to "curfew"

Notes: Pretty good with crowd noise, as I didn't have anyone directly in front of me and used cards. Very roomy, as it's the Aragon which is a large ballroom with lots of echo. I taped very loud, so you may need to turn it down but it sounds decent for what I had to work with.

This is a 24 bit 48hz recording for max quality, which means it cannot directly be burned to CD. You will have to convert to 16 bit 44.1hz to do that. This can be done with any number of free programs such as Audacity. But it will play fine on any computer or can be converted to MP3 through itunes. Enjoy!

compiled on 8/26/09 - brian dot emerick at gmail dot com}