Modest Mouse
March 12, 2015
North Charleston Performing Arts Center
North Charleston, SC
Taped by MajinTrunkz (Matt P.)

ZOOM Handy Video Recorder Q3 (44.1kHz 24bit WAV) > SD Card > Audacity > FLAC

Set list:
01. Ocean Breathes Salty
02. Dramamine
03. Sugar Boats
04. Gravity Rides Everything
05. Lampshades on Fire
06. The World at Large
07. King Rat
08. Of Course We Know
09. Doin' the Cockroach
10. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
11. Here's to Now
12. The Best Room
13. Custom Concern
14. Float On
15. The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box
16. -encore break-
17. Satin in a Coffin
18. Coyotes
19. A Different City

There was reserved seating for this show, so we were 19 rows back, in row S. Had quite a few chatty people around me,
who you can hear a bit during some songs. It's distracting at some points, but doesn't ruin the recording. Also keep an
ear out for the idiots who really wanted to hear "Bukowski" closer to the end of the show. These were the same guys
yelling for "Doin' the Cockroach" during the opening set by Mimicking Birds.