Modest Mouse
May 26 2017
Bottlerock Festival
Napa Valley Exposition
Napa CA
Samsung Stage

01 The World at Large
02 Missed the Boat
03 Dramamine
04 Lampshades on Fire
05 The Tortoise and the Tourist
06 This Devil's Workday
07 Bukowski
08 Grey Ice Water
09 Paper Thin Walls
10 Dashboard
11 Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
12 Shit Luck
13 Float On
14 Sugar Boats
15 Doin' the Cockroach
16 Fire It Up
17 Spitting Venom
18 Encore Break
19 Dark Center of the Universe
20 Shit in Your Cut
21 A Different City

Tascam DR-07mkII (24/96) > USB > WAV > WaveLab (Levels, Splitting, 16/44) >Traders Little Helper

Recorded center stage just left of VIP divider 50'-75' back as I did move to try avoiding talkers. Few technical difficulties for the band at the start of the show but nothing major. Was going to master this more but some wierd PA Phase (mic placement?/mix?) anomalies I noticed throughout the festival were just being emphasized so I left this pretty much how the recorder captured it with a few slight adjustments for small instances of feedback. Overall very raw capture of the show. Bukowski has a moment where a fellow concert goer decides to joke about another concert goer who talked through Silversun Pickups about how she wanted Pizza. She was aware I was recording and couldn't resist the joke :( There were also beach balls and rolls of tp flying around so every once in a while someone would comment on them....