Modest Mouse
September 19th 2017
Grand Sierra Resort Reno, NV

01 Shit In Your Cut
02 Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
03 Cowboy Dan
04 Fire It Up
05 Lampshades on Fire
06 Broke (False Start)
07 Broke
08 The Cold Story
09 Interstate 8
10 King Rat
11 Pups to Dust
12 Night on the Sun
13 Dashboard
14 The Tortoise and the Tourist
15 Gravity Rides Everything
16 Doin' the Cockroach
17Bury Me With It
18 Encore Break 1
19 This Devil's Workday
20 Sugar Boats
21 Custom Concern
22 A Different City
23 Black Cadillacs
24 Encore Break 2
25 Parting of the Sensory
26 Float On

Recorded by Ozowie from Mezzanine Section MC Row J Seat 17
Tascam DR-07mkII (24/96) > USB > WAV > WaveLab, Levels/Normalized, Splitting)

Lots of folks having a good time at this show but Band was very loud and people right around me were not screamers. There was a girl nearby that really seemed to want to hear Dramamine and Freebird..... Freebird joke once, ok I forgive you, 5 times later.......... "The cold Story", track 08 is talking about the begining of the tour and the cold going around the bus, not a new song or anything. The Encore breaks are kinda long but included just to make the show complete. A large part of the audience left when the second encore break started. House lights never came on they just decided it was time to leave and there is a small comment about it at the end of encore break 2. Recording position changed for the encores as people started moving around in my area after the break but still within a seat or two.

Please don't convert to lossy and post elsewhere.



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