BB King
Montreux Jazz Festival - Stravinsky Auditorium
Montreux, Switzerland

disc 1:

01. Instrumental (9:27)
02. Instrumental (9:31)
03. BB King Intro (2:29)
04. Why I Sing the Blues (4:31)
05. I Need You (6:22)
06. Bad Case of Love (2:37)
07. Night Life (5:17)
08. When Love Comes to Town (7:38)
09. Summertime (7:02)
10. Early in the Morning > How Blue Can You Get (7:27)
11. Ain't that Just Like a Woman (6:03)
12. You are my Sunshine (4:59)

disc 2:

13. Key to the Highway (5:50)
14. Rock me Baby (5:28)
15. Thrill is Gone (4:06)
16. I don't even Know your Name (9:23)
17. You Don't Love Me No More (9:47)
18. Everyday I Have the Blues (All Star Jam) (25:01)

The Band:
BB King - Vocals & Lucille
James Bolden - Trumpet
Stanley Abernathy - Trumpet
Walter King - Sax
Melvin Jackson - Sax & Baryton
James Toney - Key
Charles Dennis - Guitar
Reggie Richards - Bass
Calep Emphrey Jr - Drums

Source: Neumann KM140's (fob) > Sound Devices MP2 > Sony SBM1 48k > Sony D7
Transfer: DAT master > Standalone CD burner > EAC > WAV > FLAC
Taper: Wilson66

Notes: The relatively distant sound for the first 2 tracks was due the soundman
pretty much not paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing. As soon as
the first soloist took a solo, it was obvious that the stage mics were only
going through the stage monitors, but not the mains! For nearly 20 minutes the
center stage mics for the soloists were not coming through the main PA! Ridiculous!
Finally, when an emcee came out to introduce BB, and he couldn't be heard, the
soundman finally clued in and turned on those mics... at least from that point
forward it sounded great. The "All Star Jam" included Solomon Burke, Lee Ritenour,
and various other guests... The show itself started at around midnight, ending at
close to 2:30am.

Another Wilson66 Master... enjoy!