Modest Mouse
April 28, 2018
The Ritz
Raleigh, NC
Taped by MajinTrunkz (Matt P.)

ZOOM H1 (48kHz 24bit WAV) > SD Card > Audacity > FLAC

Set list:
01. Dark Center of the Universe
02. Bury Me With It
03. Poison the Well
04. [The closest I've ever felt to dying]
05. Dashboard
06. Shit in Your Cut
07. Autumn Beds
08. Banjo Improv (Wasted My Life)
09. Satin in a Coffin
10. Night on the Sun
11. [I'll hear you out]
12. Ansel
13. Lampshades on Fire
14. [Who here has feet?]
15. I Came as a Rat
16. Sugar Boats
17. Missed the Boat
18. Shit Luck
19. [Encore intro/Shift your weight]
20. This Devil's Workday
21. Jam (Four Geneartions Deep)
22. Fire it Up
23. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
24. Float On
25. The Tortoise and the Tourist

Run Time: 1:38:31

This was my 11th Modest Mouse show, and also probably one of the best I've seen. I had been dying to see them play "Night on the Sun" for 13
years now, and it did not disappoint. We also got a couple really cool improv jams, one before going into "Satin" and another right after
"Devil's Workday." I hope this stuff is a preview of what might be coming on a future album, because the banjo songs are always crazy in the
best way. Isaac obviously has some history with this venue, mentioning that the floors used to be carpeted and saying that he thought he was
going to die there after a previous show. I was hoping to ask him for the full story after the show, but when he came out to talk to those of
us waiting by the tour bus, most of his time got taken up by some woman who I think was telling him he should visit her farm? She wouldn't
stop talking to him for probably 15 minutes or more, and afterwards he signed a few autographs but then said he had to go. Oh well.

This recording came out really well, definitely better than the previous night in Charlotte, which I also recorded. The one caveat is the kid
standing next to me who had the most shrill screams, which seriously hurt my ears at some points. He also decides he really needs to hear
"Float On" and won't stop yelling it later in the show.