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BB King
Mobile, AL.
"BB Kings Last Concert" :-)

Source: MM-HLSC-2 "Sennheiser Driven" Cardioids
(Loge center)>SP-SPSB-6(power, line in)>Edirol R-09@24/48wav

Transfer: USB>Computer>16-bit resample/dithered CEP>
CDwav(tracking)>flac L8 >Traders Little Helper
sbeok check. 3 db gain CEP. Fades CEP.
Entire show, seamless.

Recorded, Tracked and Flac'ed by KooterB.

1. BB King Band Jam No. 1
2. BB King Band Jam No. 2
3. Band "Introduction" Playing (B.B. enters stage, band jams on, BB Jams..)
4. Why I Sing The Blues intro >B.B. Talks > Why I Sing The Blues
5. B.B. Talks > I Need You So
6. Jam?(young guitar p[layer)
7. B.B. Comedy >
8. I'm a Blues Man
9. B.B. Horn Introduction > When Love Comes to Town >
B.B. King Comedy U2 talk >When Love Comes to Town
10. *Tombstone Shopping?
11. Ain't That Just Like A Woman> BB Talks>Ain't That Just Like A Woman
12. You Are My Sunshine > Story > You Are My Sunshine
13. BB Talks>Darling You Know I Love You>
14. Let The Good Times Roll
15. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
16. Key To The Highway
17. The Thrill Is Gone>
18. BB King Talks (Last Concert) > Band Introductions > Band Plays BB Out

Notes: Lite crowd noise. This is a cardioid, @24/48 bit.
BB gets way down, sound wise, some when he's
talking. Some slight sound flux,d2t1, do to movement,"Thank You, last time."

*Not sure of title to d2t1?

Great show by a blues legend, who will never die,
but keep on playin' the blues forever.