Date: 1991-03-03
Venue: (BBurnett - The Jizzlobber) @The Omni, Oakland, CA
Sets: 84min+
Media: CDR
Number: 2
Source: sbd master > "The Jizzlobber's" Remaster, 2004
Quality: A/A+

Original torrent posted by BBurnett. These are the specs from that upload, 4 years ago (ezytree or etree....I can't remember).

Recorded With:
Transfered With:
Tascam Cassette Model 130 professional 3 head > Tascam DA40 @ 16/44.1 > Tascam CDRW5000
Mixed and Burned With:
Samplitude 7.11
samplitude professional 7.11 - CD Import 2/11/04


For this remastered edition, Geoff has dulled the annoying buzz that plagues the majority of cd2 on ALL other versions of this recording (the buzz is also found on the master as it's part of the recording). I'm not certain what the specific adjustments entailed, (if you're still around Geoff, please let us know).

Check out the setlist.....many one-time-only affairs hi-lighted by an abbreviated cover of Chris Issak's "Wicked Game".
Greatest Bungle show ever? It's definitely on the short list.

cd1 (43:26)
1-Star Wars medley
3-Egg > Vision Of Love >
When The Lights Go Down In The City
4-Slowly Growing Deaf
5-Stubb(A Dub)
6-My Ass Is On Fire

cd2 (41:14)
1-Squeeze Me Macaroni
3-Dead Goon
4-Girls Of Porn > Freedom
5-Mr.Nice Guy > Wicked Game
6-Love Is A Fist
7-Existential Blues