OK, hopefully this is a unique offer. I have searched etree, & many other lists over the years, but I'm just not finding these recordings on any of those lists.

I received these recordings years ago, so I know these are lossless. Also, while listening to the below FM sourced recording, it does sound (between songs) like the sound has been processed. I did a frequency check & it checks out ok. If you notice the original notes by the person who transfered these, he does mention that he dehissed the FM recording.

I will leave the person who did the transfers nameless at this time, as I have not received (I have not asked yet) permission to use his name. I believe he still visits this site (DaD), so he may come forward himself.

I'm trying to get this torrent off this morning, as I will be gone most of the afternoon & night (John Mayall concert tonight).

Well, at least this is a new offer for me & not another one of my resseds.

I need a lot of help on the setlists, please. Most of the titles are probably not correct.

Many thanks to all who have been offering all the great Black Crowes here (& over at etree). THX!!!

Mr. Crowes Garden 1987 (2 recordings) flac
Torrent = 23 tracks; 88:36 minutes (545MB)

Mr. Crowes Garden - April 27, 1987
The Dugout, Atlanta, Georgia
Source: 3rd generation Audience (Maxell XLII, 90m)
Transfer: ANA tape> Sony WE405> CoolEditPro2> FLAC (level7)
Quality: vg+
14 tracks = 52:32 minutes

01 ?
02 ?
03 How Can You Help Me
04 Front Porch Sermon
05 ?
06 ?
07 Gravediggers Blues
08 Reason So Simple
09 I Cant Hide
10 ?
11 ?
12 Its Not Fair
13 She Speaks Backwards
14 Hurry, Hurry

Mr. Crowes Garden - Early May 1987
WREK Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Source: FM unknown generation (Maxell XLII, 90m)
Transfer: ANA tape> Sony WE405> CoolEditPro2> FLAC (level7)
Quality: vg+/ex-
9 tracks = 36:04 minutes

01 (cuts in) Feel It Burn
02 Front Porch Sermon
03 Hurry, Hurry
04 Reason So Simple
05 Gravediggers Blues
06 Relics
07 Barkin' Up That Tree
08 Twist Of Fate (My Way)
09 She Speaks Backwards

Original notes from person who transferred these:
---Very Very interesting gem!! Before the Black Crowes there was Mr. Crowes Garden!!
I didnt know that till I got this tape from roryglzep!! All I can say is WOW!
This recording is kinda rough but listenable. I applied dehiss and it made it sound loads better. It was recorded from a radio show in WREK studios Atlanta. To me they sound like an early, lightly heavy R.E.M. But it seems that most groups at the time wanted to sound a little like R.E.M. I don't know what the name of the first song is but I liked it alot!! During the whole session, you can hear hints/chords of what was to come for these guys.

Seeded to DaD by Jeff James