Artist: BB king
Venue: The Fillmore
City: San Francisco, CA
Date: October 15, 2007

A Listen to the Tom Leykis Show Release
Taped By Listen to the Tom Leykis Show

Equipment Sonymz-n707 md recorder sonty ecm s 10 mic
Lineage MZ-n707-line-in-audacity-roxio easy media 9-db power amp-flac

Taping location disc 1 mid floor
disc 2 rear floor

This was an awsome show full of BB chatting telling stories, and talking to the audience. I had to move and change
location because I almost got caught. I missed a couple of minutes but I could not help it. Running time is
over 90 minutes. As always a setlist would be appreciated (couple of them are the thrill is gone, when
love comes to town)

the sound quality is good-vg

as always don't sell or convert to lossy. Feel free to share on other sites, just credit the taper

Next taping Jimmy Buffett at the Fillmore
Bridge School Benefit (saturday show NO METALLICA it will be on their site)