Adam Carroll Band
September 23, 2006
Gruene Hall
Gruene, Texas

source: SBD+onstageMIC>MarantzCDR420>WAV>FLAC
Taped by Joshua Cain

101 introduction
102 Girl With The Dirty Hair
103 South Of Town
104 stage banter
105 Home Again
106 Fortune Teller Eyes
107 stage banter
108 Cole
109 intro to...
110 Rice Birds
111 band introduction
112 Low In The Mountains
113 intro to...
114 Teardrops
115 intro to...
116 Dream On
117 Far Away Blues
118 Streets Of Baltimore
119 Cane River Blues

201 Picture Show
202 Sno-Cone Man
203 stage banter
204 Ol' Milwaukee's Best
205 Roger Marin
206 Lookin' Out The Screen Door
207 Race Car Joe
208 Satisfied Mind
209 band outroduction
210 Red Bandana Blues
211 intro to...
212 Errol's Song

Adam Carroll - Vocals & Guitar
Gordy Quist - Bass & Baritone Guitar
Roger Marin - Steel Guitar & Electric Guitar
Daniel Makins - Drums & Percussion

Joshua's notes:
This was during my very early days of mixing SBD with MIC sources into a 2-track on the fly...what can I say? It is what it is.
And I'm very happy I got anything at all. The drums are too loud and that's my fault, not Daniel Makins' who is a very talented songwriter as well.
I don't think I've ever seen him play drums before or after this show...who knew?

This is the only Adam Carroll Band gig that I know of and it's an all-star cast with Gordy Quist from The Band of Heathens,
Daniel Makins from Daniel Makins & Roger Marin from Canada!

Sylvia's notes:
Mark Jungers was doing sound.
I hear what Joshua means with the drums and while they are loud, it's not very disturbing.
During the show Adam tells he played with a band before in Canada, but this was a unique show and definitely an unique recording.
Hpefully it attracts some Band of Heathens followers and via that way it'll give Adam some exposure.
If you like what year check my uploads, lots of Adam Carroll shows and a whole lot more to come.